Sunflower Kids: Wine Draw 2018

What’s A Wine Draw?

A game! A way to win lots of wine! A way to feed our kids!!

Drop a bottle of wine and purchase “insurances” at Wild Iris.

Very important rule: No homemade wine and No wine cooler type wines, please!

Contribute a bottle of your favorite wine for one chance to win all your holiday wine. You must donate a bottle of wine to play.
To increase your chance of winning, you can purchase “insurances” at $10 a pop. You can buy up to 5 insurances with each bottle of wine. So…a bottle of wine and 5 insurances is equal to 6 entries. That would be $50 and a bottle.
If you want even more chances…. you can donate a second bottle and buy up to 5 more insurances at $10 for each. Then, you would have 12 chances!
You can drop wine and buy insurances at Wild Iris (the store). Or, if you don’t have time or live to far away, you can send the money via Let me know your favorite wine, and I will take care of the legwork for you.
You can begin dropping your wine and buying chances Nov. 8. We will accept wine donations and sell “insurances” up until the 24th. The final drawing will be on Facebook Live on November 25th—Sunday.
In this drawing, the last name to come out of the hat is the winner. The more entries you have, the greater your chances are at being the being the last name drawn from the hat.Register Today

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