Sunflower Kids: Wine Draw

This will be a closed group to which you can invite any and all of your friends–anyone whom you think would enjoy winning a big batch of wine AND feeding our kids! It’s best that folks whom we invite live near enough that we could deliver their winnings. I am thinking Wyoming, Colorado-ish, and/or folks who might be visiting Lander for the holidays.
What’s a wine draw? You and your friends are invited to drop off a bottle of your favorite wine at Wild Iris (the store). If you don’t live nearby, but want to play, you can send Judi the money and she will purchase it for you. That bottle of wine will provide you ONE opportunity to win all the donated wine, HOWEVER, if you would like more opportunities to win the wine, you can purchase up to 5 more “insurances” at $10 bucks a pop. That will give you 6 chances!!
The last person in the hat wins all the wine! If we gather a huge number of bottles, we will consider splitting the winnings between the last few folks drawn out of the hat.
All the proceeds will go to feed and educate our kids!
This is one drawing where you don’t want your name to be drawn….the longer it remains in the hat, the more likely you will be the winner. The winner will be drawn on during a live Facebook event at Wild Iris. We will let you know if you are still in the hat and you will be welcome to come join us–actually anyone is welcome to join us.
You can purchase the “insurances” with cash or check at Wild Iris when you drop off your bottle OR you can go to the donate link at our web page.
You can drop wine and buy chances at Wild Iris beginning Friday, Nov 24 (Black Friday). The final drawing will be Sunday afternoon, Dec 3rd at Wild Iris. It will be “live” on Facebook! Please, join us.

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